Case Study: Alchempist

From 0 to launch in 8 days

Matt Chandler came to us a few days in to November 2020 with a product concept, no branding, and a seemingly impossible task.  He was aiming for a Black Friday launch of his new CBD gummies, and still needed to finalize the name, logo, get branding guidelines, come up with the label design, product photography, and marketing collateral.  We were up for the challenge.   

The Process
Matt knew his buyer would be the caretaker of the house, so the brand had to have a feminine element, but his target market was more of the young and busy professional trying to balance the often chaotic, modern lifestyle.  We needed to blend a natural, earthy feel, with modern tranquility. 

We got to work right away on the logo, turning back initial concepts in about 24 hours.  With revisions, we ended up with our final logo about 2 days into the process.  From there, we were able to create simple brand guidelines to keep us on track as we moved on to the most important part - the label.

A few days later and a few revisions back and forth, we not only had the label, but we had some 3D mock-ups - ultimately saving Matt precious time and thousands of dollars in product photography.  

The Results
1) Matt hit his goal and launched his product on Black Friday, in record time, complete with all the assets he needed.  He saved roughly $10,000 in branding assets (complete branding kit and guidelines, product label, product mock-ups to take the place of product photography, marketing collateral) by working with Upperhand Creative. 

2) He got all the assets he needed to launch back in just 8 days - his logo, branding, product label ready for print, and product mock-ups. 

3) He was able to remove himself from the branding process so he could focus on the logistics and marketing of his launch.  He had no time to waste, and needed to free up hours in his schedule to focus on what mattered.  Had he gone the other routes he was considering, it would have slowed him down considerably and he wouldn't have hit his Black Friday window. 
Matt's initial contact to us on November 4, 2020.
He started working with us on November 9th, and here are his final assets turned around on November 16th.
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