Case Study: Alliance Fastpitch

From 0 to 7 Figures in One Year and 37k Views for a brand new Podcast:

How Alliance Fastpitch is converting attention into Revenue

"With Upperhand Creative, I not only save money, but I get professional results faster than the other two companies we hired.  We also regularly have people come up to us that paid to come to our events because of our podcast." 

Jami and her team are turning the youth sports industry on its head with their new startup, Alliance Fastpitch.  Armed with the industry knowledge and passion, they faced the challenge of building credibility as a new entity entering a very established playing field.  And they needed to do it fast.

Their biggest problem was showing the softball world that they were credible and worth a look.  In a well-established industry, they faced the challenge of pulling loyalty from other brands and convincing people that they deserved a spot here.  They needed to find the resources and results their brand required without blowing the budget, and doing so in a short-time span in preparation for some of the largest events of the season.

The Process
We worked with The Alliance on creating a social strategy to cut through the noise and grab their audience's attention.  Within the first week of working with us, we created on brand-templates for use across different channels to start engaging their audience and attracting new followers.

Jami also always had a vision to start a podcast, but had no idea where to start.  She did't have the time or the bandwidth to figure out the tech, the process, or the creation.  We assisted her in every aspect of this, so she can just focus on recording the interviews and everything else is done.

Very quickly, Jami and her team found themselves in need of more volume with their content.  We were able to place her with a full-time editor and social media manager for less than the cost of a single part-time employee. 

The Results

The Alliance Fastpitch saw rapid growth in their content and brand presence.  In just 30 days, they saw 8.5x more impressions and were able to 43X their engagement.  

They were gaining more attention than ever before and converting that attention into revenue, hitting 7 figures in only their second year of business. And their branding is helping them come to be known as the authority, allowing them to overtake several well-established competitors and win market share.

1) Lock in Huge Partnerships:
With brands like ESPN, Athletes Unlimited, and more because of the brand credibility they were able to establish. 

2) Launch a Podcast and get 37k Views in the first week!
Jami was able to launch her podcast, The Car Ride Home.  Not only did they get over 37,000 views on one of the first episode reels, but they are regularly approached at events by people that found them through their podcast. 

3) Step into the CEO Role:
As a co-founder and executive director juggling multiple hats, Jami was able to free up her time, knowing that content and social media were going on auto-pilot, so that she could focus on generating more attention for their brand that converted to revenue.
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