Case Study: Morgan Stuart

36% increase in video views on youtube in 30 days while working less

"On my YouTube Channel, the videos that [Upperhand created] actually have that optimized look and are edited without all my "ums" and extra words I put in there - those are getting a lot of views."

Morgan Stuart is a softball pro offering lessons to young athletes.  She also has an online training program to help develop their mental games and technical skills on the field. When Morgan came to us, she was trying to do everything on her own, including editing her videos and creating content while managing her business.

Her biggest problem was the hours of footage she had on hand that needed to be edited and cut down into usable pieces for her social media.  She didn't have the time, bandwidth, or resources to create the content she needed and she was stuck working in the business and not on it.  In the past, she had tried outsourcing some of this work to a pieced-together team of freelancers, but found that it quickly became time-consuming and expensive to manage them. 

The Process
Right away on our first strategy call, we were able to help Morgan get clear on her messaging and priorities as a founder, help reset her vision, and get her free from the weeds of her business so she could focus on the big picture.

We worked on creating an ascension plan and value ladder to organize all of her offers and give a clear path for her customers to take.

Meanwhile, our team went to work right away on creating solidified brand guidelines and custom social media templates within the first few days.  From there, we started editing the hours of raw footage she had available.  We took out filler, added visual elements to engage the viewer, and optimized the full-length videos for YouTube.

We then identified highlights from her footage and created branded assets with grabbing headlines for Instagram and Facebook.  We also turned some of these into graphic image quotes. 

Within the first week, Morgan had days worth of social media content she could easily schedule out and begin driving awareness and sales.  

The Results
1) Morgan was able to increase the views on her YouTube channel with the optimization work our team did, and she was able to drive new eyeballs from the social media content she put out to grow her audience.

2) She got back hours each day while she had quality content being delivered, ready to post, without her involvement.  She now has a team behind her turning around content quickly and she's able to trust them fully with her brand, ensuring she has consistent content going out to her audience and no longer has to worry about piecing together a team of expensive freelancers. 

3) She is now able to set her sights on growth for her company and no longer get bogged down in the day to day, and is able to maximize the time she spends working on the business and not in it
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