Case Study: Feldon Richards

Biggest Day Ever in Course Sales and +1362 Followers in His First Week, After Being Stuck at 35k Followers for Over a Year

“I already made my money back for the first payment FYI. I've never made this much in one day from course sales.”

Feldon had a very successful online business when he came to us but was stuck at 35k followers on Instagram, his main source of revenue. He also was wanting to pivot more to his coaching and mentoring business. He was burnt out and stressed, feeling like his life constantly revolved around the content hamster wheel: coming up with ideas, creating and editing content, and posting.

He had been considering pivoting with his content, knowing he needed to do something different if he was going to continue to grow. He was nervous to try something new and wasn't sure how to go about it. 

The Process
From the first call with Feldon, we talked about moving his content into value-add talking head style videos. He wasn't sure what to say, how to film it, or what to do.
  • First, we clarified his coaching offer and his ideal avatar to identify what direction we needed to move in with his content
  • ​Then, we helped Feldon break through the limiting beliefs that had been keeping him stuck, helped improve his lighting and filming setup, and laid out content pillars
  • Together we crafted the perfect content strategy, style, and topics to help him move to a new level with his brand and provide value while driving higher-quality leads to his course
  • ​He immediately dove in and got to work, and had his best day ever in sales (and followers)
The Results
Feldon got results fast because he took immediate action. With our team behind him, he was able to just do and not overthink the process or talk himself out of it. By posting value-led and authentic content, instead of only going for "what's trending", Feldon is growing his audience at an unprecedented rate that's converting into sales. 

Within 7 days, Feldon:

1) had his best day ever in course sales 
2) made back his investment with us
3) finally broke the year-long plateau of followers and gained +1362 new audience members 
4) let go of the stress of the content hamster wheel while still growing his business
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