Case Study: Sales Partners Florida

86% increase in Facebook Engagement in 60 days; 60% Increase in Content Creation while working 90% Less

"One of the most immediate things - I can keep the ball moving forward for a lot less time and money than if I did it or if I hired out somebody else." 

Will Dukes came to us as a successful sales consulting firm providing a full scope of services for their clients. However, Will lacked the time, manpower, and confidence in the quality of on-brand assets needed to build his own brand across social media platforms consistently.  

He also was pouring all of his resources into his clients' accounts, leaving very little left over to build his own brand. He'd often hit the end of the day with no creative energy left to focus on the vision or strategy for his company.     

The Process
Will recognized that a big drain on his time was coming from taking on the design and content creation side. Although he was capable of creating the content and repurposing the assets himself, it took twice as long to get something at an acceptable level and having the patience to take on the technical side of creation on-top of serving his clients was overwhelming.  

One of the first steps we take at Upperhand Creative is a full assessment of your brand. Our team created cohesive brand guidelines for Will's company that we utilized to create on-brand assets quickly.  

Immediately once we started working together, we took on the execution of Will's vision, so he could free up his time and focus on growing his company.

One of the main factors in Will's results with us is that he didn't have to get in the weeds of bringing his ideas to life. He was able to skip the back-and-forth with hiring a designer, vetting their skills, and integrating them into his workflow, and he could avoid the time-consuming, technical process of design altogether.

The Results
1) Will reduced his time commitment on creating a typical piece of content by 90%, so he could stay hyper-focused on the main revenue-generating activities.

2) He saw a 60% increase in the amount of content they were able to put out.  The quality of content also increased as our team learned his brand and created the pieces needed to generate powerful, on-brand assets that attracted his target market.

3) He was pleasantly surprised with the level of communication between him and his designers, as he was able to come with just an idea and get exactly what he needed in less time and with less money than if he did it on his own.  Taking the execution off his plate freed him up to focus on creating strategic and valuable content. 
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The Assets

Brand Guidelines and Templates

Image Quote Templates (optimized for Instagram)

Click-worthy thumbnails (for YouTube, IG TV)

Video Frames (square for Instagram, landscape for Facebook/Linkedin)

IG Story frames

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